To ensure an enjoyable and safe experience, all those who stay with us agree to follow these simple rules.


Do – Come to The Arns and have a fantastic time

Do – Come and see all the gorgeous animals

Do – Remember The Arns is a working small holding. There are animal smells and noise.

Do – Keep your dog on a lead or you will be asked to leave with no refund.

Do – Pick up dog poo and put said poo in the bins provided. Please do not throw the poo in beside the livestock.

Do – Take lots of pictures of the animals and beautiful scenery.

Do – Visit the local shops & local amenities


Don’t – Leave litter (the goats will eat it!)

Don’t – Let your children or dogs scare the livestock.

Don’t – Go in beside the Livestock without a staff member.

Don’t – Feed the livestock without checking with The Arns staff.