Come meet The Arns animals. Guests are more than welcome to view the Livestock. Also, whilst at The Glamping Pods, you will have the chance to see a variety of beautiful Scottish Wildlife such as birds of prey, common garden birds, deer and bats to name just a few.

No entry into the Livestock areas without staff permission and presence due to health and safety procedures.


Laura has her own pet dogs Elsie, Wilson and Fred along with Waltz the cat. Please give Fred space as he is very nervous. Elsie, on the other hand, will happily be your best friend while ‘fat man Wilson’ scavenges for any sheep droppings he can find!


Joe, a traditional cob, is The Arns baby. He is a very handsome, very BIG and very cheeky boy. He is learning how to work the fields by pulling chain harrows behind him.

Princess, a Highland pony, is on the rare breed list and is one of The Arns oldest but most gorgeous loved pony. Princess by name Princess by nature!


The Pygmy Goats are Gary, Hamish, Betty, Nancy & Nell and they are definitely the most cheeky escape artists The Arns has. They absolutely love ginger nuts and this is sometimes the only way to return an escapee!


The sheep, Castlemilk Moorits, are also on the rare breed list. They are amazing mothers but are not overly friendly. In April/May each year it is lambing time on The Arns, a fabulous time to stay and watch the lambs being born. It’s amazing to see how quickly these babies learn how to run, jump and play!


The Arns pigs are also part of the sustainable living. Free range piglets grow slowly enjoying a fantastic life rooting up the ground and lazing about in the mud. They can be heard at feeding time shouting on Laura to hurry up with the grub.


Turkeys at The Arns – each year The Arns rears free range turkey for Christmas. Being a sustainable living small holding it’s all about eating off the land. Turkey chicks arrive in May and are released outside once they are big enough to roam the 6 acres where they can grow big and strong.


Watch the hens from your Pod scratching about , there are about 20 free range hens and 2 cockerels. The cockerels do make a noise and do cockadoodoldoo in the morning. The Arns sells the free range eggs at the bottom of the road in an honesty box if you would like some.